Obiter Research operates a variety of sophisticated multi-purpose suites in our Champaign Illinois facility. Numerous processes can be performed including enzymatic reactions and high-pressure hydrogenation. Our custom built 20,000 sq. ft. facility provides us with  a total of six laboratory suites and twenty one fume hoods  including separate space and hoods for pilot research, process development and kilo scale manufacturing.


We carefully document our experimental procedures and analytical methods to produce a certificate of analysis identifying the composition and purity of your materials.  Obiter Research’s facility includes a state of the art reactor system capable of providing a wide range of synthetic parameters. Our expertise includes large scale, high performance liquid chromatography and our facility is equipped with a variety of chromatographic columns to provide low pressure chromatography and high pressure large scale preparatory liquid chromatography. We are able to provide purification for high purity compounds in the multiple kilogram range


All manufacturing and testing are fully documented using customized batch records and all process and analytical equipment is fully qualified and validated separate from production.