Chad L. Boulanger
President & CEO


Chad L. Boulanger has been involved with OBITER Research since its inception having served on its Board of Directors since 2001.  In 2010 he became more active with the day to day management of the company when he was appointed President and C.E.O. of the company. 


Mr. Boulanger’s 30 plus years of experience in banking, finance and business management guides Obiter Research’s business activities. He has developed long term strategies and partnerships to assure the continued expansion and sustainability of the company.  


​"We need to spread the word about the type of chemistry we do here.  Our success rates are phenomenal and we need to capitalize on that." Boulanger states.  From research, to scale up process development to contract manufacturing, Obiter Research forges long term relationships that improve the bottom line. ​


Increasing the company’s capacity was a top priority of Chad’s which was fulfilled with the completion of a fourth lab within the facility and the acquisition of larger more robust equipment.


​Chad, has worked in a management capacity for Merrill Lynch, Mellon Financial, Midwest Funding, Hyde Park Bank as well as in his own entrepreneurial ventures.

William A. Boulanger Ph.D

Chairman & Executive Chemist

University of Illiinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ph.D., Chemistry

Adjunct Professor for the University of Illinois Department of Chemistry.
Dr. Boulanger has worked for Abbott Laboratories, FMC, Medi-Chem, and Albany Molecular Research and is not
your average chemist.  He has many hobbies and broad training, much of which he employs at the company.  As a machinist and engineer, he builds the company’s reactors, temperature controllers, stirrers, and many other pieces of company equipment.  As a glassblower, he designs many pieces of glassware (You can find the “Boulanger trap” in the ACE Glass catalog, for instance.) 

This broad background he brings to bear at the bench, as the company specializes in very difficult process and preparative chemistry.  Frequently, the solution is not strictly in the chemistry, but the chemical engineering aspect of it, thus his solutions and methods are typically unorthodox. 

Publications and Grants
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