CAS and Obiter Research form a multi-year collaboration to provide SciFinder® to their research team

PRNewswire October 2014


COLUMBUS, Ohio, -- Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), the world's authority for chemical information, today announced a collaboration with Obiter Research, a custom contract chemical research and manufacturing company, to provide SciFinder, the choice for chemistry research, for the Obiter research staff, resuming their access to the most accurate, comprehensive and current source of chemical and related scientific information.


Obiter Research specializes in complex, multi-step synthesis of custom chemical compounds for pharmaceutical, agrochemical and biotechnology companies as well as academic institutions. With exceptionally high success rates in difficult process and preparative chemistry, Obiter is expanding the contract manufacturing branch of its business. 

The Right Chemistry - Champaign lab hopes anti-addictive compaound pays off

The News-Gazette December 2010


CHAMPAIGN - Bill Boulanger hopes a chemical compound that can cure addictionswith a single treatment will mean long-term prosperity for his company.


Boulanger, the founder of Obiter Research in Champaign, has licensed technology for the substance - called 18-MC - from Albany Medical College and the University of Vermont.


The substance, a synthetic derivative of naturally occurring ibogaine, appears promising in curing addictions to methamphetamine, heroin, nicotine and alcohol.

Addiction Cure - hallucinogen or help addicts kick their drug habits.

The Riverfront Times November 2010


Ibogaine is a hallucinogen that has helped addicts kick their drug habits. Is it the trip that does the trick?


Extracted from the root bark of the tabernathe iboga plant, ibogaine is a potent hallucinogen — with an intriguing side effect.

Obiter Community - it's a continual learning process, it's fun.

Champaign County Chamber of Commerce, 2007


Obiter Research, a Champaign based chemical research and development company, got it's start at the University of Illinois' Small Business Incubator in the Research Park. Five years later, the company has 13 staff members, nine of whom are scientists, housed in a new 20,000- square-foot building in Apollo Park.