Custom Synthesis

Lab Work

Obiter Research offers custom synthesis services of compounds that are not commercially available. Obiter Research is a research and development company specializing in custom synthesis and contract research as well maintaining its own product catalog, developed from its own research program. We offer our clients seamless custom synthesis contract research services at a competitive rate with IP-protection.


In addition to custom synthesis, Obiter Research provides chemical process development, piloting, and custom chemical manufacturing services to end users employing chemical compounds and other formulation needs in their products. Since 2001 we have served clients that include some of the largest multi-national chemical companies, in addition to start ups and market leaders in a wide variety of industries including medical devices, coatings, adhesives, medical material and academic R&D. Our services are particularly valuable to those who do not have access to chemical manufacturing capabilities within their own organization. Customers come to us to improve their chances for success in new product development and specialty chemical manufacturing.  Our understanding of technology transfer is aided by our vast knowledge and experience in process scale-up.


Our service can be as simple as a customer sending an inquiry to produce a specific compound (chemical name and/or CAS number), and we return a quote as soon as possible (usually within the 24 - 48 hours). However, our most successful processes revolve around discussions with customers to expose the most successful path for the application or synthetic product needed. 


Obiter Research is committed to customer service and satisfaction. We have several options if you have a project that needs a helping hand.